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We Also Support Recreational Diving
for Military and Public Safety Personnel

PADI Recreational Scuba Classes for MacDill Air Force Base Servicemembers 

Watch MacDill AFB divers

enjoy drift diving at Rainbow River

At Calypso Tampa, we understand that military and public safety diving is a job. It's work.


And like any work, it isn't always fun.

Sometimes you don't want to spend your off-duty time "in the office."


You don't usually dive in great visibility or easy waters. It can be stressful too.

It takes a special kind of person to be this kind of diver, and we salute the men and women who do it.

You keep us all safer with your courage and special skills underwater.

But we also know that you like being a diver...

or you wouldn't have become one in the first place!

Calypso Tampa also supports off-duty FUN diving for you and your family. You can:

- Meet other local area recreational divers

- Hone your professional underwater skills

- Explore great local dive sites

- Get assistance with dive travel

- Build or upgrade your personal gear locker 

And more! 

We offer nearly all the PADI core and specialty courses listed on the chart below.

Visit www.calypsotampa.com or contact us directly to learn more.